Our Key Differentiators that make us different from the rest of the crowd-

Ok..now you probably have some idea about what we do and who we are. But what makes us different from the rest of the crowd out there? Why should you hire us?

The Cost Arbitrage

Our development center is based in India. Hence our development and infrastructure costs are about 30% to 50% less compared to the cost of carrying out development in your country. Also we have robust systems and processes in place that have been tested to bring out the best efficiency.

By outsourcing your web and mobile development and maintenance work to us you can focus on your core competencies and enjoy the benefits of cost arbitrage. With state of the art communication systems and the availability of world class development resources, it is definitely the profitable option for your business.

Better Deliveries

Our delivery models and policies ensure on-time execution and delivery of your project. Before proceeding with the project, we will provide you with a detailed project delivery plan. The delivery manager co-ordinates with you and the project managers to meet these milestones of your project. At every stage of the project, you are provided with timely updates as to what is the status of your project.

Quality Assurance

Based on the nature and complexity of your project, we use different testing tools to ensure the quality of the systems we deliver. We follow industry approved and methodologies such as code reviews, strict coding standards etc. that makes the system not only bug free, but also highly responsive and scalable.

Better Client Connect

Effective and timely communication forms the foundation of a successful client-provider relationship.
How often have you felt the following-

  • Why isn’t my development team replying to my requests and concerns?…Time Difference, Indifference!!
  • Why doesn’t the person understand what I’m trying to convey?….Language/Accent Problems!!

We understand your concerns and our project methodology and resource hiring policies are centred around avoiding these specific problems you may face. The development team working on your project will work according to your time zone. Also the development and delivery executives we hire are trained and examined on language and accent skills along with the conventional ones.

Better Security

  • Data Security practices and strict firewalls to ensure the security of your confidential data and project information.
  • IPR policies Non Disclosure Agreements to ensure the confidentiality of your project and your ideas.
  • Background checks carried out before hiring any employee.
  • Versioning software systems used during the development phase to track and secure the code and any changes made to it
  • Physical security policies such as bio-metric systems for entry into the office premises, USB port blocking on the workstations, etc.

…and someone from our projects team (yes, they’d know better what they are talking about) will get back to you within 24-48 hours.