Advanced Systemics, a socially responsible company…

Advanced Systemics believes that right from the day of its inception, it entered into a social contract with the society and the environment. Our CSR initiatives reflect this philosophy that is imbibed within each employee of the company. We do not believe in growth. Instead we believe in sustainable growth, growth that benefits the society at large.

CSR initiatives at Advanced Systemics are in the form of the following-

  • Corporate Donations to NGOs and orphanages
  • 1% of our net profits every year is donated to sponsoring of an orphan child
  • Every month, our employees volunteer with local orphanages, old age homes, prevention of cruelty to animals organizations and render their services
  • Development of environment friendly systems that minimize the use of system resources
  • Providing books and other developmental material to poor children in orphanages and orphan schools
  • Development of softwares and web applications for NGOs and social institutions at special discounted prices

Core Values

  • Collaborate with volunteers, civilians, customers, employees NGOs and the government in efforts that drive sustainable growth
  • Using the team efforts of Advanced Systemics’ employees and the knowledge of the organization to bring about Change
  • Creating awareness among the employees and involving them in social activities and events

Employee Responsibility Programme

Our employees are made aware of the responsibilities towards the enviornment and the society throuogh general awareness mass emails and print. They are encouraged to resuce energy consumptions and the negative impact on the enviornment in general.


Transportation is a major contributor of carbon to the enviornment. We have taken many steps to minimize this.

  • Most meetings and customer presentations in Q3 are conducted through an integrated web-conferencing tool.
  • Most of our employees commute through group travel means such as car pools.

Energy Efficiency

  • CFLs are used instead of normal bulbs reducing the carbon footprint.
  • All air conditioners, lights and PCs are promptly shutdown after office hours, except when unavoidable
  • Employees are encouraged to put their computers on standby when during lunch hours.

Community Involvement

Advanced Systemics encourages the involvemenet of its employees in community welfare programs. We support the cause of education among poor children and tree plantation and are a part of many NGO endauvours locally who support these causes through both social service and through monetary contributions.

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