So, close your eyes and imagine a scenario where you get a call from your friend who wants you to check a website link which he has sent in a text message. Well, you are outside and not in reach of your laptop. So, use your smart phone and open the link. Go for it!!!! Damn.. The slow network connections… ohh finally it’s here. Oops!!! Can’t see a thing, will have to zoom in… zoomed in a bit too much now zoom out… are you still following this. I am dead sure the answer is NO!

Life in the fast lane, surely makes you lose your mind!!!

The Eagles’ classic actually makes sense today! We are truly living our lives in the fast lane. Communicating, multi-tasking…on the move. Relationships, to-dos at work, chores at home, indeed, too much to do.

And just when you think let’s relax for a bit and shop some on your favorite eCommerce website, the site’s still not responsive. Bummer!

It hurts me when I have to pinch in/out the screen of my Smartphone to read something. It hurts me even more when I’m trying to buy my favorite pair of shoes online and I gotta pinch in/out. Hurts me physically and frustrates me. Cause’ I’m losing one thing that I’m short of….time!

As a store owner, why would you wanna do that to anyone? Not only does it make your customer go away from your site, it makes them go to your competitors’ (yes I know you hate them) website. I am sure you wouldn’t want that to happen….never ever!

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What’s Responsive?

What exactly is responsive website? If you are stuck with this question, then here is your answer in a layman’s language.

A responsive web design adjusts gracefully to fit on desktops, smart phones and tablet browsers where you nowhere need to pinch in the screen to read the texts and click on things. A Responsive website looks elegant the way it is on every damn screen, be it a desktop or a smart phone. Ummm.. still trying to get a hold of this? Call one of our Responsive Web Design programmers and they’ll explain it better. No we won’t charge you for it!

Why Responsive?

  1. It’s Cheaper

    Developing and managing a single responsive website is any day cheaper than developing and maintaining different desktop and mobile websites and also iPhone apps, Android apps,etc.

    So yes, getting a responsive website does make good business sense.

  2. Recommended for SEO Rankings

    Google owns 67 percent search market share so obviously search marketers listen to what Google speaks. As per Google, Responsive web design is a recommended mobile configuration and moreover is considered as the industry best practice. Responsive design websites work with one URL and same HTML text, regardless of device, this in return makes it easier and efficient for Google to index, crawl and organize content. On the other hand, for separate mobile version requires Google to index and crawl multiple versions of the same website.

    Content living on one website and one URL is much easier to share, interact with and link and creates optimal user-experience which is considered as a ranking factor.

    Google’s external link algorithm and reduces any chances of on-page SEO errors. Taking in account all these reasons, responsive websites perform better and more convenient to maintain as compared to separate mobile template sites.

  3. One Website, Multiple Devices

    A responsive website provides an efficient user-experience across many devices and their respective screen sizes. As a business owner, it is impossible to anticipate all the devices and their screen sizes used by your site users. The most appealing characteristic of responsive website is that the size of the website and template is designed to adapt to ANY particular screen size. This provides a positive user experience in both transitions of mobile and desktop version and even in the future, no matter what device is used, your website will always look beautiful and graceful and will surely impact the growth of your business.

  4. Your online business is future proof

    We all know about the rapid increase in mobile usage and the online market is skyrocketing. Despite the impressive statistics including facts and figures, many businesses do not yet have a mobile website, leave apart responsive. Take a look at these statistics and they might ignite a fire to strictly go responsive:

    • In 2013, more than 65% of the local searches were performed on a mobile device.
    • Over 40% of Google searches are being performed on a mobile device.
    • In the United States 40% of internet users only access the internet through a mobile device.
    • 40.96% of all emails are opened on smart phones and 20.18% are opened on tablet devices.
    • 73% of people have a better opinion of brands which have a mobile strategy in place.
  5. Speedy User Experiences

    Google PageSpeed Developers highly recommend that a responsive website page loads in about 2 seconds which is typically not possible if you a load a desktop website on a mobile device. As they say, ‘Time waits for none’ the words have now changed to ‘None has time to wait’. There are extreme high chances that people will leave your website when they will have to wait too long for a website to load.


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