Dedicated Resource Hiring, the best option for your project…

Hire full time programmers, designers and project managers to augment your in house team.

  • Save UPTO 30-50% in resource hiring costs compared to conventional in-house employee hiring and hourly basis development cost.
  • WordPress programmers
  • Drupal programmers
  • Html programmers
  • Web designers
  • Ecommerce programmers
  • The resource works on your project on a full time basis
  • Lowest hourly costs
  • No long term lock-ins
  • weekly /fortnightly / monthly reporting
  • Constant communication with your team

Benefits of a Dedicated Resource

  • Dedicated person working just for you: It is like hiring your own employee, working from our development center without incurring those huge hiring costs and overhead employee expenses and also without the other risks involved into hiring full time employees.
  • Choose from the experts:
  • Our team consists of the right mix of expertise and skills. So now, you can choose from our large pool of experts.

  • No start up or maintenance costs or taxes. No hidden or extra costs involved. No long term lock-ins.
  • Stay connected: Stay connected with your resource and get regular updates.
  • Client Centric Solution – You Control Your Project: The developer codes for you (the client) and YOU -” the Client” – Manages the project. In this way, every moment you are in control of your work, keeping us aside to do only basic supervision of the developer i.e. work timing, attendance etc.
  • Source Code Authorization: All the rights of the source code will be owned by you.
  • Timing: 8 Hours per Day, 5 Days a Week- Monday to Friday.

What Makes Our Dedicated Resources Different?

Our resources are trained in communication skills. Also, our resources are trained about the business aspects of web technologies. They understand your language. They understand your business. They can not only “code”, but code smartly and based on your specific business requirements. Call us and we will arrange an e-meeting with one of our resources.

Who All Can Benefit From Our Dedicated Resources

  • Digital Agencies: Digital agencies are our most common clients under this arrangement. The hired team works full time on the tasks of the client agency’s clients.
  • Growth / Technology / Political Consultants: Consultants based in high cost economies such as US and UK hire our programmers for developing and maintaining their clients’ websites .
  • Ecommerce clients: Ecommerce stores need much of effort on development and regular maintenance (just like a retail store would do). We partner with many ecommerce direct clients developing and managing their stores.
  • If you own multiple websites / portals and looking for full time web designers or your own offshore team of expert designers to work dedicatedly on your projects with your specialized vision and concepts, then Advanced Systemics can help you by providing dedicated web resources.


…and someone from our projects team (yes, they’d know what they are talking about) will get back to you within 24-48 hours.