One of our long term digital agency partner company owner calls me up the other day at 3 in the night (Indian Standard). I had just reached back home from work (and oh, I had David Coverdale put on loop on the way back, just to get out of the PHP frame of mind). He tells me he’s got a dinner meeting with the IT guy of a medium sized retail chain on the east coast. And that I had to brush him up on the capabilities of our team of Magento website programmers, why they should choose Magento and not Woo Commerce or Shopify, or let’s say Opencart. And also, why we are THE leading Magento website development company. Posting a part of the write up that ensued…

Magento was launched in 2008, and there has been no looking back since its entry in the already crowded world of ecommerce solutions. It is rapidly growing and driving some of the best and biggest eCommerce carts across the globe. Plus its an eBay company which means there is ample muscle backing. Millions (billions, trillions and zillions is not so far) of users have fallen in love with its open-source capabilities and this love is nowhere blind. The unprecedented customization possibilities and flexibilities make it THE most loved option out there. The sheer amount of functionalities offered by the solution out of the box is something unbeatable as compared to other ecommerce frameworks.

Magento provides powerful marketing tools, an easy to use catalog management system and top notch security. If you are anywhere wondering whether you should use Magento as your web-store ecommerce platform or another option, then allow us to clear all the clouds of your doubts.

Here are 7 reasons why you should opt for Magento as your ecommerce platform :-

  1. Fully featured Out of the Box:

    The Magento system has got a wide range of features out of the box (free of cost in the community edition). Whatever is your product type, whatever is the number of footfalls and traffic on your store currently (or even your forecasted footfalls for the future), your business specific requirements…you name it, Magento will support it and chances are very high that the out of box Magento system has the functionalities matching your specific requirements.Magento has a streamlined and intuitive approach in terms of features and functionalities and makes almost anything possible. Customer segmentation, merchandising, targeted promotions, product attributes, an automatic email marketing reminder and dynamic rule-based product relations are great features which can help you online business grow in leaps and bounds. The ability to configure a variety price rules and shopping cart rules makes it stand apart as an open-source software platform.In short, a robust, community based, free of cost system ready to be deployed for your online store!

  2. A Huge List of Extensions:

    The Magento community has extensions to match any specific requirement you may have. Simple little things like product images and product names changing when you change the color of a product, newsletter functionalities, social media options….you think of it, and it’s there already.Out expert team of Magento website programmers are well versed with these extensions. They know which extension is to be deployed for a particular requirement. Also, working over the years, we have developed a good rapport with the developers of these extensions. This is helpful in case there are some custom changes needed in these, or for getting those much appreciated discounts.

  3. Scalable, Does Not Crash:

    The problem with most ecommerce platforms out in the market today is scalability in terms of product portfolio size and traffic. Most of these work perfectly fine for small sized shopping cart implementations with a limited number of products and store footfalls. However, when the product portfolio grows over a few hundred products, or there are multiple concurrent footfalls on the store, they crash very often. Magento does not!So even if you do not have that many products on your store currently, or much of traffic, but you forsee the product catalog getting bigger and the footfalls increasing, Magento is future proof and the preferred solution for you!

  4. Currency and Language

    Magento makes it very convenient for you to sell your products and services all around the globe as you can customize the shopping language of the site using the admin panel. You can also sell your products using various different currencies. These are optimized features which maximize your potential and helps you reach new audiences all over the world.

  5. Engagement with Customers

    With the Magento webstore, you have the ability to offer your visitors to engage in customer-assisted shopping for extra support. They can also view product comparisons along with product reviews and ratings. Adding items to their wish list is another feather in the hat. Let’s not forget the feature where one can “Like” a product on Facebook and can share a wish list and other items they like with their Friends. People talking about your products clearly implies positive addition in you sales numbers. Also, there are features for live chat with your sales representatives, newsletter signups, creating customer lists and targeted campaigns and much more.

  6. SEO Friendly:

    Any product that does not sell is of no use! And it won’t sell unless your customers SEE it online. The Magento system makes sure that your SEO initiatives are made easy to manage. Magento serves you right with these criticalities by offering such features where everything is done for you and makes it convenient for your potential customers to find your products online. SEO friendly URLs, meta information for products, a Google sitemap, content pages and categories…Magento has it all!

  7. Performance:

    Whenever a client asks me the difference between Magento and other small shopping cart solutions out there, I often tell them that all solutions are equally good depending on your specific requirements, and more importantly, your customers’ requirements and buying behavior and preferences.
    But yes, there is a difference. The same difference there is between a car coming out of a factory in China, and one rolling out of Modena, Italy . PERFORMANCE!!!

Magento indeed has more in depth resources to explore and I can blabber about them for a couple more hours. Sorry, we are Magento junkies and we feel proud of the fact that we have some of the best Magento website programmers working in our team at Advanced Systemics. It is simple yet richly customized which makes it perfect solution for your eCommerce portal. Magento will support you in every step from setting up your online store, to making your first sale, and anything to everything else you may require all along the way.

Make your journey Magento!