Another new month, another reason to celebrate!

We know Jim, you were eagerly waiting for this news to come out. Voila! Christmas has come early this year. The trumpets are blowing and with a bang we are pleased to announce the arrival of in a responsive UI. Ohh yeahh!!! The site goes responsive just before the 4th of July weekend, and the team’s now in celebration mode.

We are a leading Magento website development company and we are in the celebration mode. We are offering 15% discounts on our Responsive Magento website programmers, on Magento website development services and Magento website maintenance services.

Additional 5% discounts if you are from the UK or the West Coast USA.

What IS Responsive? Pinching-in/out Always Hurt, eh?

Pinching-in…pinching-out on your smart phone screen, always a pain…frustrates me to the core. I personally do not spend much time on sites which make me pinch-in / pinch-out my smart phone screen to be able to read stuff.

Responsive web design is nothing but a website design that adjusts elegantly to fit on computers, desktop, tablet and smart phone browsers where you nowhere need to zoom in the screen to read the texts and click on things. A Responsive website looks graceful the way it is on every screen, be it a desktop, a smart phone or a tablet.

Is Your Site Not Responsive Yet?

So, (we know this is not even possible in the parallel world) the concept of responsive UI does not interest you as a business owner trying to get more engagement on your websites and online selling channels. There could only be three reasons to avoid this latest trend:

  1. You have little competition and have a monopoly in your industry (Let’s sit together sometime and discuss politics and religion &#9786 )
  2. Your website plays no role in your business. Back in the 90s, I would have agreed if someone told me that their business does not need to be online. In today’s scenario, this is simply not the case. Whatever you’re doing, your business NEEDS to be online, and responsive (pun intended &#9786)
  3. You feel that responsive interfaces are not needed yet and your website is good to go just for the desktop resolutions. WE NEED TO TALK, URGENTLY!
    Please schedule a call with our consultants and know more about the latest facts and trends of the world wide web. Responsive today is not an option, it is a NEED!

Responsive vs. Desktop Based Websites

The number of internet users is increasing rapidly all around the world, and so is the adoption of smart phones and tablets. With the introduction of internet, things were simply a click away and now one can actually carry the market in their hands. Consumer buying behavior today is highly affected by the internet. Even before buying the smallest of things, customers today look it up on the internet, and that to, on the move on their smart phones and tablets.

The future of mobile search is definitely taking a hike overtaking desktop searches.

Immediate Benefits to Your Business

  1. It’s cheaper compared to getting different mobile sites, a different iPhone app, an Android app, etc. You don’t need these now! Just 1 single responsive website / web application.
  2. Sustainability – Your website is future proof to work good and adapt elegantly on any mobile device which may be introduced in the coming future.
  3. Increase conversions – Conversions increase when the content is laid out effectively on the device the user is viewing the site on, and they’re able to locate the call to action quickly. This is our aim while designing all our responsive UIs.
  4. SEO Benefits – Having one website that is responsive is better than having a different desktop and mobile website in terms of Google and search engine rankings.
  5. Experienced Team – Our team is highly experienced in designing, developing and maintaining responsive Magento websites, responsive Joomla websites, responsive WordPress websites, responsive Drupal websites, etc.
  6. Extensive Testing – Before your website goes live, it is thoroughly tested on different devices with different resolutions. Your tabs, iPhones, iPads, etc.

Time to flaunt (yes we are a self obsessed bunch of geeks)

Advanced Systemics has always scored bonus points in delivering responsive Magento website services, joomla websites, wordpress websites, etc. We work for some of the top fashion etailers in Europe (UK, Italy and France) and Dubai. We are also partners with many political clients across the US mainland.