The benefits of ourtourcing to Advanced Systemics and the dynamics of the team working on your projects…

Outsourcing is contracting with another company or person to do a particular business function of your organization. Almost every organization outsources in some way. Typically, the function being outsourced is considered non-core to the business. In today’s business enviornmenet, outsourcinig has become a survival necessity rather than being a source of competitive advantage.

Advanced Systemics offers a full range of software outsourcing services from end-to-end development of new software and web solutions to re-engineering and enhancement of legacy applications, application integration and on-going maintenance and support.

When you decide to outsource to us, it is different from conventional outsourcing which is a necessity. Outsourcing to Advanced Systemics IS a source of competitive advantage. We are not providers to whom you oursource your non core business processes. We are your partners. When you outsource work to us, you also outsource business responsibilities that are associated with that function. We consider your business process as our inhouse business process and guarantee value to you. If we think we cannot do a job, we will tell you. We will tell you that these resources need to be hired to complete this job. We will tell you clearly that the job is not possible in x amount of budget. We do not work in vendor relationships in which the client is not informed of the proceedings of the project We work on long term partnerships in which both the client and us as an organization grow. It is a win win situation for both you and us.

In terms of the team dynamics, we work on the following delivery models for our outsoucing partners-

Offshore Delivery

Under this model, the team working on your project is based in India in our development center. Through the Offshore Software Development India Center we offer its customers a strategic outsourcing partnership. Our Offshore Software Development India Center is meant to empower our clients with a technical arm that specializes in IT consulting, software development, testing, creative design, and support activities.

The cost advantages and the reduced time to market are not the only benefits we talk of. We engage with our clients to understand their business flow and offer comprehensive solutions based on specific business concerns.

We excel in providing a pool of highly experienced IT professionals with strong domain expertise and a wide range of skill sets. The established frameworks and superior IT Management helps us grow our internal capabilities by continuously training our employees on cutting edge tools, technologies and upcoming frameworks.

Our India Offshore Software Development Center comprises of a dedicated team trained on your line of business, systems and processes, this team can be changed in size when necessary ensuring quick response to your resource requirements. Empowered with transparent project management and progress tracking processes coupled with high-speed communication infrastructure, our clients have full-control over the offshore team committed to their project.

One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that our offshore software development center can be easily integrated with the customer’s existing processes to fully support design, development, quality assurance, version control, backup and recovery, thus operating as an efficient and seamless extension of the customer’s software development facilities.

Through this we offer our clients the opportunity to boost their business without worrying about their IT needs.

Benefits of the India Offshore Software Development Model at a Glance-

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced risk
  • Easy exit option
  • Reduced time to market
  • Easy and quick change in the number of resources working on your project.

Onsite Delivery

There are times when the project scope is not clearly defined, or the project is open-ended, iterative in nature. For such situations, we prefer to use an Onsite Delivery Model where work is executed onsite at the client premises. During the assignment our consultants report to the onsite project manager and also report back to our office in India on a regular basis.

We provide clients with consultants and programmers in relevant areas and technologies. Our services include requirements capture and technology assessment, creating functional specifications, design, coding, testing, maintenance and support.

Hybrid Delivery

This is by far the best and most widely used delivery model across the globe.

The consulting and project requirement analysis

is carried out at the client sites to enable both of us achieve a better understanding of each others’ work environment.

i.e The client gets to interact with our business personnel and the project manager right in his office at his business location. The impact is highly tangible and always results in a better engagement.

We gain capabilities in

  • Knowing the intricacies of your business
  • Evolving requirements with a face-2-face feedback rather then just capturing them
  • Mitigating any time delays due to our onsite presence
  • Predicting change in requirements or the business model

Our clients get:

  • Better project management
  • Superior requirement outlay
  • Faster feedback
  • Sharper contingency planning
  • Better control and
  • Confident understanding of our working methodology and progress


…and someone from our projects team (yes, they’d know better what they are talking about) will get back to you within 24-48 hours.