We’re a group of specialist custom wordpress plugin developers. Coming from a background in core PHP app development, there isn’t much we cannot do when it comes to building custom wordpress plugins.

The WordPress plugin repository hosts plugins to achieve almost any functionality. However, there are times when you can’t find a plugin that quite fits your needs or gives you the functionality you require. That’s where custom WordPress plugin development comes in.

We can design and develop a WordPress plugin completely from scratch to fit your requirements, or sometimes customise an existing plugin.

Plugin Integration

You know what functionality you want, but don’t quite know which plugin to use and how to integrate it into your website. This is where our team of dedicated wordpress programmers come in. We are well versed with the plugins on the wordpress plugin repository and also have a good rapport with the developers of a lot of these plugins (that helps a lot, mostly when plugins need modifications). We would integrate and fine tune an existing plugin into your website to meet your requirements. Throughout this process, we do ensure that:

  • No modification of WP core files
  • Strict adherence to WP coding standards, enabling flawless upgrades in future.
  • Website backups before and after update and changing of plugin codes.
  • Security validation and extensive audit to ensure that your website is safe and secure.


Our proficiency in Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Our expert team of custom wordpress plugin developers have developed multiple custom plugins for our clients over the past. We start out with understanding the specific requirements of the client and documenting that, before the actual development process starts. Next, the developers would try to look for same or similar matching plugins on the wordpress repository and analyze how well they’d suit the customer’s requirements, and whether it would be better to code up the plugin bespoke, or customize an existing plugin. We come up with a solution for you that best matches your specific functional requirements and your budget.

…and someone from our projects team (yes, they’d know better what they are talking about) will get back to you within 24-48 hours.